Out with the new in with the old.

Whilst I was adventuring down to the lovely state of California with my wonderful roomate I wrote a couple haikus, she discovered them and here they are for your summer reading pleasure.

Mandy appropriately titled the the piece–

“Goin South Haiku”

Corning, Olive Pit–
the place for Olives in the
entire West Coast.

Evening Departure,
and warmly greeted at home
First leg is complete.

Second leg begins
We’re going back to Cali
Driving and laughing.

Such festive things seen
“Just Bears and Stuff,” Now some food?
Yummy mexican!

Back in the car to
continue the trek. Leg three!
The driver is me!

We stop to fill up,
and gain feeling once again.
A couple just stares.

Yawning to napping
The car gently rocks me, I
wake up quite, quite warm.

Jiggles agrees, yep–
we’re almost there dear Mandy.
Home is very near.


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