Future Thinker.

I’ve decided to break away from the 5-7-5 form for this post, because I’ve had this on my mind A LOT lately. I have this problem where I love looking forward. Not that I don’t enjoy living in the now– but I think that I am just such a “planner” that I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come.

Right now life is just fine. But I continue to look at what’s next: Being done with my summer job. Hawaii. Family. PA Training. Being reunited with dear friends. Welcome Week. The 50th Season of SPU Theatre. And the beginning of my 3rd year at SPU. So in the words of Rosie Thomas– wow. WOW. WOW.  I really don’t have other words to describe my excitedness (yes, this is a word everyone, calm down). I find myself speaking with my friends about “what’s next” in our lives too. But you know what? We’re just at that point in our lives. It’s ok to be excited for what’s next. My life is good. My life is very blessed. I live my today, and I love planning for my tomorrows.

I think the sunshine finally coming out has led to this too. The sun gives new perspective and brightens up places that were once confusing and unknown. The world-class singing ginger Annie had it right, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”

So yeah, I’m excited for what’s too come. But at the same time it’s 8:04am and I’m curious for what today will bring.


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