and He will give you rest.

Saying these past couple of weeks were hard would be an understatement, but here I go:


I knew that this year would be one full of challenges, but never to this extent—but in these past couple of days this verse continually popped into my head, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

People I see on a daily basis ask how I’m doing, and I usually answer them with the classic, “I’m tired.” But in all honesty I’m tired of telling them that I’m tired. It seems like at one moment I need to be at 80million places, and doing 80million things. There’s work to be done, papers to be written, projects to be started, hours to be worked, and yet— I’m tired. But let’s be honest, we’re all tired. Each of us is dealing with our own classes, majors, jobs, activities, oh an on top of all of that still remembering that we need to be taking care of ourselves. Not only am I tired, but I am weary.

There was a Night of Worship at my University today and Richard Allen Farmer; the guest speaker hit the nail right on the head. He used this wonderful visual example of letting others take over for you when you need help, and reassured me (and the rest of the attendees) that we can and should lean on those around us. In this example he and Dr. Newby switched back and forth seamlessly on the piano, one couldn’t tell when one started and the other began. It is ok to depend on others. This is something that I need to continually remind myself as I grow up.

And He will give you rest. And He will give me rest.

This overwhelms me with joy. This is week seven of the quarter, and I know that I will finish out strong because I trust that the Lord will see me through it.  What a wonderful promise that is! The tone of this post is extremely optimistic I know, but I’ll be honest—I’m scared too.

But I hang on to the plans, promises and blessings that the Lord has for me.





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