Hello dearest rain
It’s weird seeing you again.
Today I crave change.

Maybe caused by you?
Or a desire to avoid
the things around me.



Finals are nearing,
I be fearing. I study.
I will get good grades!


Oscars are today.
Meryl will win everything.
Clothes will be fancy.

Sandra Bullock did
very well this year in movies.
Perhaps she will win?

Precious will win too.
Documentary drama:
I didn’t see it.

March 3, 2K10

This blog is exactly what the url says, one haiku a day. ┬áSo tune in for some joy in a 5-7-5 format (and an extended haiku every now and then!) Here’s the first haiku of many:

This is the first one
I’m excited about this blog.
Haikus are the best!